12 Xmas gift ideas for communications specialists

ChristmasBlack Friday and Cyber Monday may have passed but you still have enough time to buy your fellow communications specialists a special gift for Xmas.

No idea what to buy? No problem. I’ve complied a small list of presents which can be bought for colleagues, whether they work in marketing, public relations or internal communications.

1. ‘Dead Write’ notepad


People working in comms need to make notes – lots of notes. You can make yours with this ‘Dead Write’ notepad. As you feel the onset of writer’s cramp at the end of your working day, feel the therapeutic effects of placing your pen back in the designated pen holder… that’s right, just between the shoulder blades.

Image: IWOOT

2. Thumbs up / thumbs down shot glasses

Shots glasses

If the notepad doesn’t make you feel better, perhaps something more powerful is required. Exhausted communicators are likely to feel ‘thumbs-up’ in no time at all after trying out these social-inspired shot glasses.

Image: Amazon

3. Social media pillows

Social media pillows

After all those shots you’ll need a rest. How about one of these lovely social media pillows? If communications is still the job of your dreams, there is some logic in falling asleep on one of these.

Image: Craftsquatch

4. DJI Phantom 3 Drone


Perhaps you dream of one of these?

Drones are in the news all the time now, but you can use them for more than just spying on your neighbours and delivering parcels. These are also great for marketing, such as generating dramatic fly-over footage for promotional videos. I’ve commissioned drone footage myself and achieved some great effects.

Image: Amazon

5. ‘Speeches that changed the world’


If you’re not interested in gadgets then how about going back to basics with this ‘Speeches that changed the world’ book?

Writing speeches can be hard work, whether you’re giving one or coaching someone else to give one. Be inspired by the great orators and bag yourself a bundle of rhetorical tricks. 

Image: Amazon

6. Dual phone / tablet mount


If you’re going to give a speech, you may need something to record it on. This dual phone/tablet mount holds all your devices in place, enabling you to broadcast live with ease, simultaneously across multiple channels. Or use one device to display your notes while you talk into the other device.

Image: Arkon

7. Facebook fan counter

Fan counter

Are your communications efforts increasing the number of followers on social media? These fan counters can be hooked up to measure followers on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Depending on the likely size of your following, you may choose to order the five or six digit versions.

Image: Smiirl

8. Personalised social media stamp

Social media stamp

I like these personalised social media stamps as they bring old and new technologies together in one product. They could provide a nice touch to include in your Xmas cards to clients, assuming your company hasn’t already sacrificed the cards and replaced with emails.

Image: Not on the High Street.com

9. USB Mix Tape

USB mix tape

Sticking with the theme of new and old technologies, here is an interesting concept. This USB mix tape takes the form of an old cassette (remember those?) inside of which is a 1GB memory stick, upon which you can record your very own ‘mix tape’. You can even write the names of the songs on the inlay cover (wow, imagine that!) This is very possibly the most pointless of the gifts I have listed. 

Image: IWOOT

10. Social sticky notes

Sticky notes

Technologies continue to be mixed up, with these social sticky notes. Why message someone electronically in your office when you can handwrite them a personal message, albeit as a social media message? 

Image: Amazon

11. Social media cookie cutter set

Cookie cutters

Make your Xmas comms team festivities so much more social by baking with these hashtag, Facebook, and Twitter-shaped cookie cutters. These heavy duty tinplate steel cutters are worth the dough.

Image: Amazon

12. ‘The Things We Didn’t Know’ loo roll

Loo roll

And finally, make press officers and journalists feel at home with this newspaper-inspired toilet roll. The paper – described as “not too scratchy” – covers 100 different obscure facts, so is also great for developing your general knowledge.

Image: IWOOT

Home page image: Premasagar


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