7 ways to motivate yourself as a communications pro

motivation sign1Sometimes it’s hard to get started on a new communications project, for example, a new publication or website. You feel like you’re at the foot of a mountain looking up at the peak. The goal seems far away and hard to reach.

That’s not surprising as no one feels motivated all the time, every day. Fortunately, help is at hand to get yourself pumped up again, ready to embrace your next content challenge.

I came across an infographic from ProEssayWriter that summarises 7 approaches to tackling some of the most common motivation challenges you will face. Take a look.

Some of these situations will ring true for you. Sometimes getting started is the hardest part. It’s not that you lack the confidence, for example to write a speech, it’s just that you haven’t really thought out yet what you need to do.

Taking decisions is exhausting as we’re required to do take them all day long. But once you’ve mapped out what you need to do, you’ve started to make decisions again and it seems easier to make progress.

Breaking down tasks into manageable sizes also helps as small steps seem easier to take than large ones. Focusing on the task in hand, instead of how long it will all take, is another way to cope with big comms projects.

Check out the infographic to discover more ways to stay motivated in your communications job.

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