Never get too comfortable in your communications job

PillowsFeeling comfortable in your communications job is something to aspire to, but get too comfy and you may just wish you hadn’t.

If you have worked in a professional communications role for a number of years you may be experiencing that comfy feeling right now.

Perhaps you know the ropes so well in your communications job that you’ve developed a feeling of security. Despite the occasional demands made of you, your working life in communications just isn’t that difficult. The pay is OK too. You want to stay where you are.

There’s nothing wrong with feeling comfortable. I like my slippers as much as the next man. But I also like to slip on a pair of running shoes and inject speed and pace. Yes, there’s an element of pain, but also reward and achievement.

As a communicator, you are free to push beyond what’s required of you, cut out your own path and set your own limits. I see that in communications consultants, contractors and freelancers, and those setting up their own practices.

Yet you don’t have to go solo to leave comfy-town. It’s about acting in a different way. Doing something which is hard for the very reason that it is hard. You don’t know where you will end up but that’s the point.

Perhaps it involves swapping your current job for a more challenging one. Maybe acquiring new communications skills, knowledge or a new professional qualification. Or something more specific like getting a first story published or giving a speech without notes.

So how comfortable are you feeling now? Do you want to change? If you’ve read this then the answer is probably ‘yes’. But what are you going to do about it and how will you make it happen?

Whatever you choose, action must follow, even if it’s just a small step. There’s nothing worse than procrastination. That’s just ‘comfy’ all over again…

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