Bring some sunshine into your communications career

sun-305640_640With summer now upon us you may be looking forward to a well-earned holiday.

But before slipping into your flip-flops and heading for the beach, consider what you can do during this quiet time at work to give your life in communications a boost.

Consider undertaking some or all of the tasks below to bring some sunshine into your communications career.

Time for creativity

Now that others are away from the office, it may be the perfect opportunity to undertake some creative work, perhaps some brainstorming for a campaign or mapping out ideas for how to improve your marketing materials.

Get on top of the paperwork

You’ll reap the benefits if you can spend some time on getting your admin under control. After all, there’s no point in trying to conduct great communications activities if you don’t have effective processes in place to support you.

Conduct a survey

Make time to conduct research into your key communications channels. You need that insight but perhaps don’t always have the time to get off the conveyor belt of delivering solutions for your clients.

Uncover those summer-themed stories

A friend of mine got all his staff to come to work in swimwear to generate some PR. The good news is that you don’t need to do this (unless you want to) but do try linking your stories to seasonal trends.

Tidy up after yourself

Delete what you don’t need and carefully store what you need to keep. This may be more important than you might think, as a good audit trail may help to protect your professional reputation during an organisational crisis.

Learning & development

This is a great time to consider your training requirements, or to undertake some online study. Also, read at least one good communications-related book. How about Winning Arguments by Jay Heinrichs?

Take a break

Even the most ambitious communicators need to find time to relax. This contributes towards having a balanced life which in turn makes you more resilient over the longer-term. With any luck, you’ll also be happier.

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