Stuck for blog post ideas?

Blog post ideas infographicThere are thousands of suggestions around for how to develop content for blog posts but I just came across this excellent infographic that sums up all of the main approaches.

Coming up with ideas for blog posts can sometimes be challenging, especially if you’re writing on behalf of a business, and are expected to keep churning them out, day after day.

It helps if you have a framework to work with which then frees you up to focus on the creative side. You may find that as you work through the list, that new content ideas will automatically suggest themselves to you.

The infographic from Digital Marketer provides a summary of the main types of blog post – 55 types to be precise – to give you that head start.

It summarises the main types by suggesting that your content could be: useful; human; generous; promotional; controversial; entertaining; timely; and engaging.

Click here for the Ultimate List of Blog Post Ideas

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  1. Hi David
    Excellent article this week and the added link is very useful. I have recently started blogging myself. It is all new to me and a learn. You article has increased the learn

    thank you

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