Newspaper reporter rated the worst job you can get

Newspaper reporterYou may think your job in PR is challenging. But no matter how difficult your day has been, it was probably nothing compared to the newspaper journalists you’ve been pitching to all day.

Spare a thought for the news reporters. Their job was already bad, but it just got worse. In fact, it’s just been rated 200th in a list of 200 jobs, in a report compiled by a job search website. That makes it the worst job you can get.

The figures appear on and are based on official figures from the US Government. Yes, these results are US-based, but I suspect the results would probably be no different if the report were repeated in other countries.

The report summary states, “Of course, there are some jobs even worse than taxi driver. Take newspaper reporter, for example, where poor job prospects, low pay and layoffs have plagued the industry for the past several years.”

In many ways the result don’t surprise me. Having once been a newspaper reporter, I remember the sub-minimum wages, crazy long hours and limited career progression. But then again, I also remember the wide range of subject matter I got to work on, the thrill of filing a front page story and the camaraderie which existed among the news team.

If you’re in newspaper journalism and looking to get out, it’s worth reminding yourself of the value of your transferable news reporting skills, such as sharp writing and editing, ability to quickly identify a news angle, adapt to new environments, work to tight deadlines, multi-task, work under pressure, and the list goes on.

Reporting skills are highly valuable for many roles in public relations, communications and marketing, at all levels, and are directly relevant to social media and content management. You may be interested to know that in the report the following roles rated: Social Media Manager – 101, Public Relations Executive – 121, Publication Editor – 137 and Photojournalist – 195.

And if you’re wondering which type of job was rated number one in the report, I can tell you that it was… actuaries. I still need some time to get my head around that one.

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