Email newsletters are making a comeback

NewslettersEmail newsletters are making a comeback, according to a recent article from Wired Magazine.

I have no way of validating the claim, but I was inclined to agree with the author’s rationale for why this might be so.

Summarising the key points, the article argued:

1. Email is usable again: Five years ago, our email inboxes were out of control – but the combined efforts of spam filters and the way we manage our email inbox are finally bearing fruit and inboxes are becoming both manageable and accessible.

2. Newsletters are finite: The web is stuffed with seemingly infinite content with channels such as Facebook and Twitter designed to scroll on forever.

3. The death of RSS: This is a slowly-declining technology. Whereas once people would track blogs by using RSS feeds with a reader product, people now have other ways of monitoring content.

It concluded that email newsletters are making a comeback because they are finite and manageable, more likely to be seen, accessible on any device and becoming increasingly personal.

The big key point for me here is that newsletters are finite. Sometimes the internet can be a confusing place because there is too much content, and we don’t have time to curate it ourselves.

Email newsletters by contrast have established parameters, and a real human being with a brain has added value by curating and editing the content. If it’s a good newsletter then it’s also useful, relevant and easy to digest.

Sometimes having a limited choice is a good thing.

This isn’t just a feature of electronic newsletters, however. The same could be said of print media. After all, isn’t all print media finite?

If email newsletters are indeed becoming more popular, I wonder how many we need to receive in our inbox to once again feel like we are drowning in a sea of content?

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