How a positive outlook helps you create quality blog content

Positive outlookDeveloping blog content is not always about process – it’s also about having a positive outlook.

I read a blog post recently about how bloggers can prevent their ‘content well from running dry’. The tips were not bad but I thought the overall approach actually ran counter to its purpose.

In my view, seeing content creation as ‘drawing from a well’ is disempowering as it implies that content is a diminishing resource.

Metaphors enable you to make links between what you already know through experience and what you’ve yet to learn, providing a quick path to understanding.

But metaphors also affect the way you feel about things. For example, if you see you daily work as a battle then perhaps that’s just what it will be for you – a painful experience.

The good news is that you can create your own view of the content creation process. You can construct your own metaphors that motivate and empower you, rather than ones that make your life seem difficult.

So for example, instead of ‘drawing on a well’ you could be ‘sowing seeds’. Sowing seeds is about growth, unlike drawing from wells which is about consumption. Sowing seeds eventually yields a harvest, which leads to further resources.

Instead of implicitly assuming that you’re using up a finite number of ideas taken from inside your head, you might assume instead that you’re creating blog posts which will naturally lead to other great ideas. And so they may.

And if you’re wanting inspiration to create your own empowering metaphors, try this exercise: think of a random object and then make a link between that object and your idea. Granted, you may not get the best metaphor straight away, but it will get the creative juices flowing. I thought of sowing seeds on my third attempt.

The trick is then to keep going until you get a few good metaphors that give you the outlook you want. Avoid analysing these in any depth until you’ve developed a number of options, otherwise you’ll stagnate.

You should end up with a more powerful and productive way of thinking that also makes the process of creating content that much easier.

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