Creative communication on the high street

BagsDuring the pre-Christmas retail frenzy companies think of new and innovative ways of reaching potential customers.

And retailers have a wide range of communication tactics to deploy to convince shoppers that their products are the ones you must buy.

While out shopping last weekend my friend purchased a few Xbox games from the Game store, but it wasn’t the games that caught my eye – it was the plastic bag they came in.

The advertising on the side of the bag, read:

“Warning: This bag may contain: rocket fuel, screeching tyres, flash grenades, top-corner volleys and distant worlds to explore or conquer.”

I thought this was a great bit of advertising and a creative piece of communication.

As all marketers know, to increase your chances of selling a product it’s wise to focus on the benefits of the products – not the features.

In this case, the advertising neatly conveyed the benefits. It didn’t talk about the features of the games, it focused on the benefits and how the user would feel differently as a result of playing them.

It attempted to convey what those different feelings would be, by using vivid descriptions to produce powerful mental pictures, and making appeals to the senses.

I know we’re only talking about a plastic bag here but permit me to go on…

The rocket fuel seemed to evoke a feeling of power; the noise of screeching tyres conveyed drama; and following the double-whammy of the flash-bang of grenades; there followed the euphoria of scoring a goal. And if that wasn’t enough there was the thrill of exploring or conquering distant worlds.

So, there you have it. The benefits are quite clear for what you’ll get from these products. You haven’t just bought a plastic case with a shiny disc inside – you’ve bought a whole new experience.

Examples of creative communication are all around us on the high street as companies try to part us from our hard-earned money. These tactics are well worth collecting and storing away, to use when next needed in your own communications.


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