Which agencies now ‘own’ digital communications?

Digital communicationsWhen you need some digital communications work done who do you call?

Do you turn to a PR agency, social media agency or content agency?

It could be any of them and that’s not surprising as they all appear to be vying for the same turf.

While some PR firms wish to use the digital space to grow beyond the limitations of traditional media work, some social media and content agencies seek to widen their offering by delivering more thoughtful PR.

If you perceive your issue to be a reputational one, then perhaps the PR agency is better placed to help. You would hope the PR agency can tap into its existing knowledge of reputation management, and ideally, the skills are already present.

However, if you go to a content or social media agency they may have the digital know-how, and perhaps they have evolved their communications offering sufficiently to develop reputation management strategies that span both newer, as well as traditional, channels.

Easy access to technology, information and low barriers to market entry also make digital communications accessible to the smallest of agencies, so everything is up for grabs.

For my part, when seeking digital communication services, I want to know that an agency can not only produce the widgets, but really gets what the client is trying to achieve, so it can also help to achieve those broader communications objectives.

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