Need ideas for your content strategy?

ContentHow do you go about developing and gaining buy-in for development of your content strategy?

I recently came across an article from Zazzle Media which provides a useful summary on exactly how to do this.

There’s nothing new in this, but people don’t tire of being reminded about principles of communication that actually work, especially when bundled up into a neat package like this.

This piece from Zazzle Media provides a handy overview of how to organise your content approach and stay on track. It’s also a useful crib sheet to remind yourself of anything you may currently be missing.

The author, Julia Ogden, is a former journalist and talks about her content being based on journalistic principles. My view is that these are good principles for anyone to adopt who wants to evolve their content offering.

Any journalist will be able to identify with the need to use a variety of content types to gain a reader’s interest, and in this case using that principle to drive traffic to your website and/or to boost your website’s authority and user experience.

Julia also cites the editorial calendar as ‘sitting at the heart of the planning process’. An editorial calendar has always been a mainstay for planning news content in traditional news rooms for countless years, but is also an indispensable tool for planning your online content.

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