15 ways to beat (content) writer’s block

Brick wallWhen you work in communications and PR roles you have to balance the need for creativity with the need to meet client’s deadlines.

But how do you get inspired to write great content when you are tensed up and the ideas just won’t flow? If you also work in a pressured office environment the problem can seem even worse.

You don’t have to be under pressure, however, for your ideas to be stifled. You might just work on your own or in a quiet office, but you simply have a mental block on how to get started on your written content.

So what can you do about it?

There are a few techniques that have worked for me over the years, but everyone has their own favourite way of beating content writer’s block. Here are 15 of my suggestions below. What works for you?

1. Leave it and come back to it

2. Switch tasks, then switch back again

3. Take a walk to get the juices flowing

4. Pose the question to yourself and sleep on it

5. Explain the issue to someone else to help clarify your thoughts

6. Share the issue with someone else and ask their advice

7. Write out the key facts, leave it, and come back to do the heavy lifting later on

8. Go straight to the meat of the article and address the introduction last

9. Write straight out, even if not making complete sense and avoid editing – redraft later on

10. Brainstorm the structure, main points and key messages before committing pen to paper

11. Read how someone else has written and structured a similar article

12. Think about how you dealt with this issue before and repeat the steps

13. Re-read previous articles you’ve written for inspiration

14. Perhaps you’ve something else on your mind – address that issue before writing anything else

15. Go back to basics – what is the ‘who, what, where, why, when, how much’ of this piece?


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