20 reasons to use print media over digital

NewspapersAs digital and social media continue to dominate the world of communications and print media becomes a distant memory there is an interesting paradox taking place.

With companies and organisations spending less time and money on print media, print is actually becoming a novelty in marketing terms. It has the appearance of being something new and different because it’s the very thing that everyone else is NOT doing.

So if you want to stand out and make an impact, then arguably, print media is the channel to use.

And just in case you have forgotten just how good print media really is, here are 20 good reasons to remind you:

1. Quicker to read

It’s easier to scan and quicker to read than on-screen text.

2. More tactile

Many people like to touch, feel, and even smell, the media product.

3. Inherently portable

What is more ‘mobile’ than a magazine or newspaper?

4. Easily shareable

You can pass it on or leave it behind for others to pick up and read.

5. Endurance

Your news is less likely to be ‘deleted’ – unlike its email counterpart.

6. Saves square eyes

It provides a welcome break from staring at your computer screen all day.

7. Physical presence

It has a tangible physical presence and is highly visible.

8. Commands attention

Print dominates your mailbox – it commands more attention than its electronic cousins. 

9. Weight

The literal weight of a publication can suggest or reassure you that you’ve received a quality product.

10. Nostalgia

Print can evoke feelings of nostalgia, in the same way vinyl records can do for music.

11. Reliability

Hard copy publications still work even if your PC doesn’t.

12. Multi-purpose

A company magazine could also be used, for example, as collateral for inductions or careers fairs.

13. Perceived importance

It’s easier to convince a senior leader to be interviewed for a prestigious external newspaper or magazine than for an online news source.

14. Push notification

A publication delivered to your desk demands more attention than an email reminder.

15. Longevity

After you’ve read it, it is still there, to be read again and again and…

16. Good ‘pull’ communication

While you scan it for desirable content, your attention is caught by other items you otherwise would not have noticed.

17. Cross-selling

Useful as a means to plug other channels, including online (and for online channels to plug print).

18. Versatility

It’s easy to mark up, circle, cut out, point to and show others.

19. Builds relationships

People like to receive (relevant) things – regularly receiving a print publication develops a special bond with your readership.

20. Novelty

Back to my original point, it has the appearance of being something new and different because it’s the very thing that everyone else is NOT doing.

3 thoughts on “20 reasons to use print media over digital

  1. At long last an appreciation of the power of traditional media – as with radio, the cinema and other technologies meant to have been consigned to the scrapheap, rumours of the death of print are greatly exaggerated.

    The stampede for all things digital is missing a trick, as is the increasing failure to recognise the skills of people who have the ability to produce press releases worthy of the name. The baby has been thrown out with the social media bathwater.

    Selection and packaging of stories offers the opportunity to provide people with an escape from the avalanche of digital material. Impact and meaning – the very opposite of the growing digital white out – is offered by print.

    This is the 21st reason print doesn’t just have a future, it is the future.

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