How to design and use slidedocs

SlidedocYou want to convey complex information to an audience before or after a presentation.

But you don’t want to send a full-length document or a PowerPoint presentation.

So what do you do?

Step forward Nancy Duarte and her slidedocs.

Filling the gap between long-form and on-screen

Duarte first rose to prominence after helping US Vice President Al Gore design keynote slides as part of his award-winning environmental documentary, ‘An Inconvenient Truth’. Her design firm, Duarte Design, is now the largest in Silicon Valley.

In her latest book, she explores the gap between long-form documents and on-screen presentations, and comes up with a solution – ‘slidedocs’ – which is also the name of the book.

This will be of interest to communications professionals as this material can be used as:

>  Reading in advance of presentations

>  Follow-up reference material after a presentation

>  An ’emissary’ to create opportunities for future presenting

Visual communication without using presenters

Duarte says they’re about creating visual communication which doesn’t involve presenters, and are designed using presentation software, though never intended for the screen.

The format combines visuals and words to illustrate one clear point per page. Typically, they feature more text and visual explanation than on-screen presentations, and use a template system with grids, columned text boxes and full sentences.

Slidedocs are good for explaining dense analytical content which typically doesn’t translate well to on-screen presentations, and uses high text-to-graphic ratios on pages.

I would recommend taking a closer look at slidedocs and how to create them by watching this slideshare from Nancy Duarte.

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