Could colour psychology improve your communication?

Niagara FallsWhat colour are the Niagara Falls?…

This is a trick question because the Falls are illuminated in different colours depending on which charity has been successful in getting their special request approved. Yesterday they were green and today they’re red.

Looking at the Falls bathed in a purple mist (pictured) may invoke a specific mood within you, which may also be affected by a series of other factors, including your gender.

Colours affect mood, perception and behaviour, and marketers use this to help them influence consumer behaviour.

Colour Psychology Guide

But you don’t have to be a colour psychologist to include some of these basic ideas into the design of your own content when seeking to reach and influence your target audience.

Could changing your use of colour improve your conversion rates?

Have a look at the infographic here to see how brands have used colour and you may be inspired to make a few colour changes of your own.

Infographic: AdPushup

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