Stop saying these 5 things in the office

Do you feel confident at work?

Have you ever gone up to a senior manager’s desk and felt awkward as you work out how to get their attention? Do you feel the need to say “sorry” when you make a point or offer feedback? Do you speak faster when you are nervous?

Well, hey, join the club!

Most people have felt this lack of confidence in their careers, and unfortunately, also experience it at the very moment they could do without it. Younger people are particularly prone to this.

But over time, successful people learn how to overcome these personal presentation and communication issues. They take control of their own language to present their most confident self.

I have listed 5 areas below to be aware of and to avoid…

1. I’m sorry but…

“Sorry if this is a stupid question…” “Sorry, to bother you but…” You don’t need to apologise for having something to say or taking up floor space.

2. I just…

“Can I just check…” “I just want to ask if…” You may be using “just” to make your request seem less overbearing, but it can also come across as weak and uncertain.

3. I think…

“I guess…” “I imagine…” “I think…” This can make it sound like you’re not altogether sure of your own advice. Try using “I know…” or “My view/advice/opinion is…”

4. Sort of…

“Kind of…” “Sort of like…” “I almost think that…” You may be slightly uncertain about the ideas you’re presenting, or you’re trying to be less confrontational. But these words don’t work. They lack clarity and impact.

5. Talking too quickly…

When under pressure you may feel the need to speak faster, and make sentences longer. But this rambling effect can detract from your natural authority. Try using shorter sentences and brief pauses to help structure your ideas, convey confidence and allow your listener to digest your words.

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