The language of love…

“At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet.” [Plato] … But not necessarily a good communicator.

The language of love is more difficult than it seems.

And it requires plenty of practice to get it right too. Not that kind of practice.

As the scent of Valentine’s Day begins to fade, I’ve been considering how communication in relationships can be improved, and how those principles can be applied to the workplace.

My interest was piqued by an article in the Huffington Post by Donne Davis about communication in relationships.

Davis described in her article how she sat down with her other half to discuss how to improve their interpersonal communication. They devised a list of ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ which may serve as good advice for us all.

There are some good reminders here and some of Donne’s imagery made me laugh, especially the ‘drive-by’ communication.

Therefore, I’ve taken the liberty of condensing the points down and presenting my very short abridged version below…


>  Finish your partner’s sentences. Bite your tongue – they may say something you didn’t expect.

>  Shout, speak or ask a question from another room. Remember, face-to-face works best for both people.

>  Use ‘drive-by’ communication. For example, don’t enter a room, say something, and then leave. Make sure you hang around for a response.


>  Get your partner’s attention before you begin speaking. Make sure they’re not engrossed in something else at the time.

>  Actually look at each other. Stop whatever else you’re doing and focus on the other person.

>  Paraphrase back what you heard your partner say to clarify what you heard, and to demonstrate you are listening

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