How to motivate yourself as a communications specialist

As a communications specialist you’re probably used to finding work opportunities for yourself, driving your own learning and development, and charting your own course for career development.

While ploughing your own communications furrow can be an effective strategy, keeping yourself motivated over the long haul can be a real challenge.

This is an ‘interesting’ predicament for a professional communicator to be in. Working in communications disciplines, such as public relations or internal communications, you’re used to motivating others to change their behaviour, but how do you motivate yourself?

Assuming you know what your communications career goals are (and that is a big assumption) what do you need to do to ensure that you stay fresh, super-charged and on-mission?

During a talk I gave last week about my experience of blogging on communication issues, I made the point that blogging can become just such a motivational activity. It may not have started out as one, but it can become one.

Blogging may start out as a means to an end, but the means can become the ends. The ends may be a motivational one. What started out as a good idea to achieve a distant and obscure goal can evolve to become a source of self-motivation.

As a blogger you are in the business of researching, thinking, creating and writing. You are finding out and making sense of the world around you. And these are positive activities that require you to actually do something. Your activity produces change. The act of blogging can be the change that you want to see in yourself.

Of course, blogging is not for everyone, but the principle is the same. Change produces change.

As a communicator with clear career goals in mind what can you do to keep yourself inspired and motivated?

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