Communication skills of ‘rock star pope’

Pope Francis’ public relations skills are quickly earning him the reputation of ‘rock star pope’.

His leadership communication is being used to tackle the monumental task of “1,200 years of inertia, dogma, and doctrine pastoring the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics,” according to the Huffington Post.

Writing in the HP, Jana Schilder makes an interesting PR analysis of his journey of reform and change. Interestingly, all of these points could just as easily be applied to the internal communications context.

The key points regarding what Pope Francis has got right so far:

– understanding the value of public opinion

– leading by example

– sending clear signals

– connecting with people

– speaking in simple language

– speaking from the heart

– getting with the technology

– not taking yourself too seriously

For Jana Schilder’s full article click here: Rock star pope


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