How does your communication taste and smell?


How does your communication taste and smell?

Communication is often more powerful when you appeal to two or more of the senses. For example, we use both words and visuals to beef up speeches and presentations. But how often do we address the other senses – touch, taste and smell?

On New Year’s Eve in London the chimes of Big Ben signalled what was billed as the world’s first “multi-sensory” firework show. Crowds were engulfed in apple, cherry and strawberry mist, showered with peach-flavoured snow, edible banana confetti and bubbles filled with orange-flavoured smoke. Even the programmes were scratch ‘n’ sniff.

As a form of communication this covered all five senses: sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. It’s rare to get a full house, so-to-speak.

If this is a sign of things to come then perhaps we can expect to see ‘multi-sensory’ communication filtering its way into corporate conferences, seminars and workshops.

If all this sounds a bit complex and expensive then remember that a glass of wine achieves the same effect and for a fraction of the cost:

See the glass of wine, hold between your fingers, take in the aroma and then taste. Remember to clink glasses for the full house.

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