Communications wisdom of Derren Brown

Communication is about influencing, one way or another.

And there are few better known for their influencing skills than illusionist Derren Brown. Attending his new show, ‘Infamous’, in London last night I was reminded of what an incredible range of influencing skills this man of genius possesses.

Drawing on his powers of hypnotism, mentalism, sleight of hand and illusion, he can bend the audience to his will, and regularly does so.

Though from a communications perspective, most influential of all, must be his powers of showmanship. Watch him in action live. He has the power to hold the crowd, through story, anecdote, personal insights, humour and wit. And did I mention the series of unexpected twists, ace timing, excellent openings, and mind blowing finales?

In Confessions of a Conjuror, Derren wrote: “Magic means nothing. It has the potential to connect us to something wonderful, as does any performance, but it is not wonderful in itself, for it is inseparable from the particular performance in which it is experienced.”

Performance skills should all be stock-in-trade for a communicator, for anyone that seeks to influence, one way or another.

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