20 reasons to use print media over digital


As digital and social media continue to dominate the world of communications and print media becomes a distant memory there is an interesting paradox taking place. With companies and organisations spending less time and money on print media, print is Continue reading

Using NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) in corporate communication


NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programing) has more in common with corporate communication than you might think, whether you’re using NLP techniques on a micro/personal or macro/organisational level. Please feel free to check out this short article I recently had published by Inspire 360, the Continue reading

How to design and use slidedocs


You want to convey complex information to an audience before or after a presentation. But you don’t want to send a full-length document or a PowerPoint presentation. So what do you do? Step forward Nancy Duarte and her slidedocs. Filling the gap Continue reading

Planning learning activities: a guide for communications professionals


If you’re a communications specialist and you need to design your own learning activities then this blog post is for you. Perhaps you need to design break-out workshops at conferences, standalone seminars or soft skills training included as part of Continue reading

Why ‘compelling copy’ is no longer compelling


Do you know how to craft ‘compelling copy’? The phrase ‘compelling copy’ is everywhere now and the biggest users of it seem to be the communications community. It’s so prolific that it’s become a subject of self-mockery among communicators. One cartoon Continue reading

Use Sherlock Holmes techniques to give good communications advice


Giving good communications advice requires the investigative skills of Sherlock Holmes and the practical wisdom of Dr Watson. When the famous detective takes on a case he listens carefully to his potential client and invariably reads around the subject in Continue reading

Use ‘burst’ and ‘drip’ marketing to promote your content

Burst v drip

Stop and think. You slave away to create great content. And work your socks off to promote it. You do a pretty good job of it too. But what is your campaign strategy?  Do you start with a big bang Continue reading

D-Day: How communications influenced the result

The D-Day landings

This week marks 70 years since the D-Day landings but you’re unlikely to hear much about the role of communications. However, propaganda – a distant relative of communications – played a huge role as an instrument of psychological warfare on Continue reading