How to use style when writing speeches for executives

Speaker with microphones

Executives generally don’t have the time to write their own speeches and if you are a communications professional then at some point you may be asked to write one. It’s not just about sparing your executive the effort however. As Continue reading

CIPR State of the Profession Report 2015: Out NOW!


What are the top trends and challenges facing Public Relations in 2015? Find out in the Chartered Institute of Public Relation’s State of the Profession Report 2015, published this morning. See my 60 second summary below for the Report’s key Continue reading

Reverse communications – why it pays to put tactics before strategy


I’ve been doing a lot of communications planning recently and it got me thinking about how the whole process works – or is supposed to work. Communications strategy is usually presented as a linear process. You start by conducting research, Continue reading

Speak from the heart – and not just on Valentine’s Day

The Graduate

Valentine’s Day is upon us once again and the best communications advice for lovers must be to speak from the heart. When we speak from the heart it’s as if we’re saying what we really mean or feel – a Continue reading

8 ways to improve conversations at communications networking events


I’m a big fan of communications networking events. There are so many to choose from now, especially in London, and they are often either free to attend, or there’s a small fee, typically around £20 to £25. They are popular too. Continue reading

Be more like Phil Spencer to communicate useful advice

Phil Spencer

Property guru Phil Spencer permanently dominates my TV screen – I just can’t seem to escape him. ‘Location’ was already shown wall-to-wall, and with the addition of ‘Phil Spencer: Secret Agent’, there’s no avoiding him. But despite there being so Continue reading

McKinsey consultants reveal how companies can transform business with social tools


McKinsey management consultants have just published survey findings which reveal how companies can make greater use of social tools to transform their business. I have made a 60 second summary below, and a more in-depth version follows. 60 second summary 1. Continue reading