Be more like Phil Spencer to communicate useful advice

Phil Spencer

Property guru Phil Spencer permanently dominates my TV screen – I just can’t seem to escape him. ‘Location’ was already shown wall-to-wall, and with the addition of ‘Phil Spencer: Secret Agent’, there’s no avoiding him. But despite there being so Continue reading

McKinsey consultants reveal how companies can transform business with social tools


McKinsey management consultants have just published survey findings which reveal how companies can make greater use of social tools to transform their business. I have made a 60 second summary below, and a more in-depth version follows. 60 second summary 1. Continue reading

Good communication provides ‘good medicine’

Doctor listening

A woman went to see a doctor – the sixth one in succession – to get another opinion on her anxiety disorder. Going through her history, the doctor found the woman had been taking a weight loss product. He noted that when Continue reading

Eight tips for using ‘personal-revelation’ in your communications

Personal revelation

There’s always a danger during the festive period of drinking too much and being just a bit over-familiar with workmates or managers. Alcohol is like a truth serum which can lead to us sharing personal insights with colleagues which we wouldn’t normally think Continue reading

How a positive outlook helps you create quality blog content

Positive outlook

Developing blog content is not always about process – it’s also about having a positive outlook. I read a blog post recently about how bloggers can prevent their ‘content well from running dry’. The tips were not bad but I Continue reading

Solving Prince Harry’s public speaking fears

Prince Harry

As Prince Harry revealed today that he gets “incredibly nervous and anxious” before public speaking, here are some timely tips to help royals and common folk alike deal with their speaking anxieties. Part of the solution is about adopting the Continue reading

Use visual cues to improve user experience

F-shaped heat maps

Starting your stories with a strong introduction is a key principle drummed into newspaper reporters, with sub-editors also learning the power of headlines, images and page layout. But this isn’t just for print journalists – these same principles are now Continue reading