Emoji named ‘Word of 2015’ by Oxford Dictionaries – but is it a word?


Is it okay that the Oxford Dictionary’s ‘word of the year’ is not actually a word? In case you missed it, the OD this week named an emoji as the word of 2015 – the symbol on your phone, featuring Continue reading

Communicators – need help from a butterfly scientist?


A friend of mine was in the passenger seat of a car being driven by his dad. Without warning, his dad slammed on the brakes. He was thrown forward, caught by the belt and thumped back into his seat. There Continue reading

Never take your ‘communications expert’ status for granted


When you work in communications you must be prepared to explain, and sometimes defend, the very basics of your discipline. No matter how much experience you have, you can never assume that internal clients will heed your advice, just because Continue reading

What communicators need to know about space


Space has always been of interest to me. Not in the Star Trek sense, although I admit a certain penchant for Star Wars Episode V. I’m interested in the physical space used by professional speakers. In this definition, I include Continue reading

8 communications tips from HR and behavioural science


There is much that communications specialists can learn from HR colleagues. That’s why this week I’m taking my communications inspiration from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). The CIPD recently held a conference called Science of Human Behaviour at Continue reading

Adapt your storytelling from page to stage


There’s a natural assumption that as a communications specialist you are expert in delivering both written and verbal content. Staff within your company feel they can reasonably expect this of you. You are seen as a communications all-rounder. In the Continue reading

CVs for communications professionals – room for improvement?

Job applications

Every marketing and communications professional worth their salt knows the importance of measurement and evaluation. So why is that so many job applicants for communications roles leave that knowledge at the door when it comes to writing their CVs? I Continue reading

Ditch the dinglish from your international content

Scrabble letters

I was asked by an international client to review a website and remove all Dinglish. I thought I had misheard at first, so I investigated what Dinglish could mean. Well, the Oxford English Dictionary had no record of it. I searched online and was equally Continue reading