Ditch the dinglish from your international content

Scrabble letters

I was asked by an international client to review a website and remove all Dinglish. I thought I had misheard at first, so I investigated what Dinglish could mean. Well, the Oxford English Dictionary had no record of it. I searched online and was equally Continue reading

How to survive as a speaker at a PR industry conference


Marketing and communications consultant Arik Hanson caught my attention a few days ago following his reflections upon a PR conference he spoke at in Florida, USA. Several factors make speaking at any PR or marketing industry event “pretty darn challenging,” Continue reading

Never get too comfortable in your communications job


Feeling comfortable in your communications job is something to aspire to, but get too comfy and you may just wish you hadn’t. If you have worked in a professional communications role for a number of years you may be experiencing Continue reading

How to create the perfect ending

The End

I had just watched a performance of Romeo and Juliet at my local theatre. Romeo had just killed himself and Juliet had followed suit. And there they both lay in a heap on the stage. One problem. It was an Continue reading

Need more charisma? Here’s how


Charisma. Who has it and how do you get it? Harley Street therapist Richard Reid knows the answer. Interviewed in The Times yesterday, he says Boris Johnson and Tony Blair have it, and it’s not a problem if you don’t have Continue reading

How to find interim communications work

Looking for interim communications work

Over the last week on LinkedIn communications professionals have been discussing the best ways to find interim communications work. While some people prefer to use recruitment agencies, others prefer to work their personal contacts, or approach communication agencies and try for ad Continue reading

Practical help for creating humour in communications

Timothy Claypole

There’s lots of advice around about how humour can help improve your marketing and communications. This post on Social Media Today shows how being funny can help with social media marketing, while this post by 3 Monkeys Communications explains how humour can help Continue reading

How to avoid making awkward phone calls


I was inspired by a cheesy infographic I found on HubSpot this week to comment on how we can be more effective at making phone calls. You may have experienced those slightly awkward moments during a phone call when your words just didn’t seem Continue reading

5 steps to succeeding in your new communications job


So you got the communications job you were after. Now you face the reality of actually doing it. The first few weeks are critical. Will you use the opportunity to establish yourself and create momentum, or flounder around and sow Continue reading