How to avoid making awkward phone calls


I was inspired by a cheesy infographic I found on HubSpot this week to comment on how we can be more effective at making phone calls. You may have experienced those slightly awkward moments during a phone call when your words just didn’t seem Continue reading

5 steps to succeeding in your new communications job


So you got the communications job you were after. Now you face the reality of actually doing it. The first few weeks are critical. Will you use the opportunity to establish yourself and create momentum, or flounder around and sow Continue reading

Wellington, the Battle of Waterloo and the role of communications


To coincide with the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo this week, I’ve taken a very brief look at what role communications may have played in the success of the Duke of Wellington’s campaigns. Target audience Three of the Continue reading

Derren Brown offers inspiration for communicators

Derren Brown 1

If you look carefully (and I mean very carefully) at this photograph taken by Derren Brown, you can spot me in the audience. I’m watching Derren deliver a show as part of his current ‘Miracle’ tour. As usual, it was Continue reading

How to move communications up the meeting agenda

Meeting agenda

Communications is often one of the last items on the agenda when it comes to project meetings. This may be because in many people’s minds communication is the thing you do after you’ve done everything else. Last place on the Continue reading

Study of 1 million pieces of content turns rules of writing on its head


Is it possible that the commonly accepted rules of good writing are in fact completely wrong? Authors of a new report have revealed that certain poor writing habits, such as failing to keep copy short, compact and simple, actually improve Continue reading

Can ‘blue’ really be the world’s favourite colour?

Top colours

There is a strong chance that if you are reading this then your favourite colour is blue. You’re probably even wearing blue right now. That’s not surprising as, according to a new YouGov survey, blue is the most popular colour Continue reading