How a positive outlook helps you create quality blog content

Positive outlook

Developing blog content is not always about process – it’s also about having a positive outlook. I read a blog post recently about how bloggers can prevent their ‘content well from running dry’. The tips were not bad but I Continue reading

Solving Prince Harry’s public speaking fears

Prince Harry

As Prince Harry revealed today that he gets “incredibly nervous and anxious” before public speaking, here are some timely tips to help royals and common folk alike deal with their speaking anxieties. Part of the solution is about adopting the Continue reading

Use visual cues to improve user experience

F-shaped heat maps

Starting your stories with a strong introduction is a key principle drummed into newspaper reporters, with sub-editors also learning the power of headlines, images and page layout. But this isn’t just for print journalists – these same principles are now Continue reading

Creative communication on the high street


During the pre-Christmas retail frenzy companies think of new and innovative ways of reaching potential customers. And retailers have a wide range of communication tactics to deploy to convince shoppers that their products are the ones you must buy. While Continue reading

Professor Brian Cox and why good communication requires perspective

Brian Cox

Professor Brian Cox described this week how perceptions of our planet have shifted over time, in his new BBC series Human Universe. The physicist explained that for most of history the Earth was thought to be motionless and positioned at the centre of the Continue reading