How to move communications up the meeting agenda

Meeting agenda

Communications is often one of the last items on the agenda when it comes to project meetings. This may be because in many people’s minds communication is the thing you do after you’ve done everything else. Last place on the Continue reading

Study of 1 million pieces of content turns rules of writing on its head


Is it possible that the commonly accepted rules of good writing are in fact completely wrong? Authors of a new report have revealed that certain poor writing habits, such as failing to keep copy short, compact and simple, actually improve Continue reading

Can ‘blue’ really be the world’s favourite colour?

Top colours

There is a strong chance that if you are reading this then your favourite colour is blue. You’re probably even wearing blue right now. That’s not surprising as, according to a new YouGov survey, blue is the most popular colour Continue reading

Newspaper reporter rated the worst job you can get

Newspaper reporter

You may think your job in PR is challenging. But no matter how difficult your day has been, it was probably nothing compared to the newspaper journalists you’ve been pitching to all day. Spare a thought for the news reporters. Continue reading

Successful C-Suite executives excel at communicating priorities, says new McKinsey survey


A new McKinsey survey has found that executives who move effectively into the C-suite also excel at communicating priorities, including creating a shared vision. The global survey, called Ascending to the C-Suite, asked C-level respondents how they managed the business, culture, team Continue reading

Leadership communications – how to start a ‘movement’

How to start a movement

You’ve heard about leadership communications, but after watching a Ted Talk about ‘How to start a movement’ I’m now wondering if it should be changed to follower communications instead. Almost 70,000 people have watched a talk by Derek Sivers in Continue reading